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Delivery Charges

T.W. Nickerson, Inc. is proud to offer convenient and prompt delivery. We can usually deliver your order the same or the next day! Delivery is available on all of our products and there is no minimum order. Regardless of what product or quantity you order, there is a flat delivery fee based upon the town. The delivery fee is for each delivery, and we can not mix items onto one truck. Please call our office to schedule a delivery. The delivery fees are as follows:

Delivery Charges



Barnstable $175.00 Each
Brewster $40.00 Each
Centerville $175.00 Each
Chatham $40.00 Each
Cotuit $175.00 Each
Dennis $70.00 Each
Eastham $70.00 Each
Falmouth $250.00 Each
Harwich $40.00 Each
Hyannis $175.00 Each
Marstons Mills $250.00 Each
Mashpee $250.00 Each
Orleans $40.00 Each
Osterville $250.00 Each
Provincetown $125.00 Each
Sandwich $250.00 Each
Truro $100.00 Each
Wellfleet $95.00 Each
Yarmouth $80.00 Each

Truck Capacity

We have several size trucks to accommodate all orders. The maximum capacity for each truck are as follows:

Truck Mulch Loam Compost Stone Shells
Mitzubithi One Ton 6Y 5Y 6Y 5T 5Y
Hino One Ton 10Y 7Y 7Y 6T 6Y
6 Wheeler 10Y 10Y 10Y 10T 10Y
10 Wheeler 25Y 20Y 25Y 22T 25Y
Tractor Trailer 35Y 30Y 35Y 32T 35Y

Tailgate Service

We also offer tailgating service for driveway stone and shells. This is when we open the tailgate a few inches as we drive over your driveway while the body is lifting, spreading the material in a thin sheet as opposed to dumped in a large pile for you to spread. The material will still need some light raking and spreading to be considered a finished job, but tailgating service saves a tremendous amount of time and labor. The driver will tailgate as best as he can; each situation is different. Tailgating can only be done in our 6 wheeler trucks and cannot be done under any tree limbs or telephone wires.
Tailgate Service Price
Price (Per Delivery) $10.00

Delivery service is also available for rental equipment. You can view those delivery charges here